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Non-Toxic Natural Vegan Deodorant

Non-Toxic Natural Vegan Deodorant

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Timberline Topicals Non-Toxic Natural Vegan Deodorant

Moisturizing, soothing & absorbent natural deodorant available in a 2.3 oz roll-on size. Highly recommended for sensitive skin --as this hand-made product has been known to eliminate razor rash/burn altogether.

Contains: organic coconut oil, yellow shea butter, organic mango butter, soy wax, bentonite clay, vitamin E oil, organic aluminum-free baking soda, corn starch, creram of tartar, tapioca flower and love.

Both bentonite clay and fossil shell flour are known to pull toxins from body through pores. Arrow root powder absorbs moisture and pulls from skin. This deodorant is effective, very pleasant and lightly scented making it appropriate for both males and females.

  • Non-Toxic
  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • 2.3 oz rool on deodorant
  • recommended for sensitive skin
  • lightly scented
  • moisturizing
  • for males and females
  • small-batch

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